Custom Indicator Inspector for MT4

Load your custom indicator with *.mq4 extension below. Make sure to choose custom indicator and not an Expert Advisor (EA) file. Both have same file extension!
Use Firefox or Chrome. May not work in Internet Explorer depending on your IE settings.

Visual output
Non visual output

Some indicators have default colors. They are ones terminal shows when you first drop indicator on the chart. Once you change colors they are saved inside the terminal. This tool shows original colors that you see when you first drop indicator on the chart.

What is it ?

This simple tool reads custom indicator you supply, inspects it and provides back information on how indicator can be used in Expert Advisor.

Problems ?

Make sure you supply custom indicator for MT4 with *.mq4 extension. This tool does not parse EA files. Indicators only.

Some custom indicators contain bugs and some are improperly coded. In those cases inspector tool may fail to detect custom indicator features and will be unable to parse it.

There are number of custom indicators that do not return any values. They are designed for manual trading only. Maybe original creator did not consider indicator to be used in EA or maybe author did not have time to finish custom indicator.
Whatever the reason is... if indicator does not return any values - it can not be used in EA.

Use in Forex Generator

Once you import custom indicator into Forex Generator via Project-Import Custom Indicator menu, add Technical Analysis block to the diagram and assign custom indicator to it. There is screenshot that shows where "mode" parameter should be used when assigning custom indicator to the Technical Analysis block.

Thumb for screen6.jpg (176 KB)
Assign indicator to Technical Analysis block.

Thumb for screen5.jpg (276 KB)
Set "mode" parameter.

Instead of Technical Analysis block you can also use Print Functions to Chart block to get numerical value displayed on the chart.

Return Values

Custom Indicators can return values for visual lines or histograms that they display and can return values for non-visual calculations. This tool inspects both. Special mode parameter is used to access various indicator return values. You pass in mode into indicator to get back specific value you are interested in.
Example: mode passed as 0 returns some trend index and mode passed as 1 returns some moving average.

So the same indicator returns different values depending on what was passed into it via mode parameter.

Non-visual return values sometimes are hard to understand because they are calculated but not displayed on the chart by indicator. Nonetheless they are in some cases useful. Use specific mode to get non-visual value returned from the indicator. Use Forex Generator "Print Functions to Chart" block to get non-visual value displayed on the chart.