There are number of important restriction that EA and Script Generator has. Not knowing those can cause you number of unexpected problems.

1. Almost everything you enter in the Generator is case-sensitive. So LOW is not the same as Low. If you enter LOW(1) instead of Low(1) it is not going to work. If something does not work, recheck the syntax. Make sure you have entered values, braces, special symbols the way they should be.

2. Decimal numbers below zero have to be entered with leading zero. Example: 0.022 is valid number and .022 is not valid. So do not start number with just a dot.

3. Do not enter text that contains non-English characters. In other words, no accented characters or hieroglyphs or other non-printable symbols (exception: in some blocks you can enter tab and carriage return and line feed characters). In some cases if you save diagram with accented characters it will not save them properly or you will not be able to open it again.

4. Make sure you are Administrator on the computer you will use EA Generator on. If you do not have permissions, Generator may not be able to run compiler and generate the code. If you get some strange messages best way to avoid possible permission problem is to find fxgen.exe executable in installation folder, right click on it and press "Run As Administrator" menu. This way EA and Script Generator will run with Administrator permissions.

5. If button "..." next to parameter in the diagram does not work, this is probably due to accented characters in the user name that you use to login into your computer. If you are login in with name that has accented characters or hieroglyphs, create another use in the computer called "user2" or some other simple name, login with that name and install EA Generator again.
Try using that new installed copy of the EA Generator to see if it still has the same issue.

6. Best way is to start diagram with just few blocks. Compile it. Test it. Then add more blocks and repeat compile-test part. Save diagram with different name so you can rollback the changes to the previous version of the diagram.

7. Do not set Stoploss to zero (infinity) on "Buy Order" or "Sell Order". First of all it is bad practice - if you lose power or Internet and orders will stay hanging with Stoploss = infinity. Trailing Stop block can not trail orders that have Stoploss set to infinity (zero). Trailing Stop block can trail orders that have Stoploss close to TrailingStop+TrailingGap.

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